DiSC in leadership perspective

With more than ten years in the market, our experience confirms that leadership is a key business driver, which is why so many companies find the development of leader effectiveness highly interesting. Guiding, motivating and influencing people is at the core of effective leadership. To do this, a leader needs self-awareness and ability to connect effectively with different personalities.

Thus, many leaders recognise the potential of developing performance by increasing self-awareness and developing the ability to influence others effectively. The best performing leaders continuously work on leveraging their strengths and handling limitations in the pursuit of higher performance. They recognise the need to work intensively with self-development as a tool to develop business performance. Both experienced and newly appointed leaders will benefit from working with personal development. DiSC is a powerful tool – particular in new teams where you will be able to recognise behaviour from the beginning and hence avoiding conflicts.

DiSC offers an easy-to-understand personality profile that gives you the opportunity to build a common language about behaviour and attitudes. In addition, DiSC provides the opportunity to raise your self-awareness and improve communication, collaboration and influence of people. Thus, DiSC pinpoints how to achieve high performance through team work.

DiSC is one of the world’s most recognised personality test tools and has proven impact on leadership and team performance. The DiSC offered in People & Performance toolbox delivers an extensive report with specific input on the development of team performance. Both managers and teams can use it, and all guidance is included in the material. Should you need elaboration on your DiSC profile, we provide experienced consultants who can assist. 

If you are facilitating a DiSC session and want more background for doing so, we suggest you supplement with a facilitator report. The DiSC Facilitator Report is specifically designed to help the facilitator understand the diversity of the interpersonal styles within a team. Hence, the facilitator report provides insight on how to enable the respondents to use their DiSC knowledge most effectively.