DiSC in team perspective

In People & Performance, we experience that well-composed teams enhance performance, which is why we recommend high attention to team composition. Teams that understand and accept the existence of differences in personalities and are capable of exploiting the opportunities and strengths hereof will perform better. To achieve these team members must build insight of their own and other team members’ personalities to create trust, commitment and a collective appreciation of the different contributions in the team.

 Thus, many leaders value the potential of developing performance by emphasising the different strengths of the team members. The best performing teams continuously work on their awareness of each other's behaviour and attitudes in the pursuit of better teamwork. They prioritise continuous development and improvement of team collaboration to build effective communication and enhance performance.

DiSC offers an easy-to-understand personality profile that gives you the opportunity to build a shared language about behaviour and attitudes. Also, DiSC provides the opportunity to raise your self-awareness and improve communication, collaboration and influence of people. Thus, DiSC pinpoints how to achieve high performance through teamwork.

DiSC is one of the world’s most recognised personality test tools and has proven impact on leadership and team performance. The DiSC offered in People & Performance toolbox delivers an extensive report with specific input on the development of team performance. Both managers and teams can use it, and all guidance is included in the material. Should you need elaboration on your DiSC profile, we provide experienced consultants who can assist.

If you are facilitating a DiSC session and want more background for doing so, we suggest you supplement with a facilitator report. The DiSC Facilitator Report is specifically designed to help the facilitator understand the diversity of the interpersonal styles within a team. Hence, the facilitator report provides insight on how to enable the respondents to use their DiSC knowledge most effectively.