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The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile provides you with valuable insights that will help you to a better understanding of both yourself and others, all while offering accessible and actionable ways to strengthen your workplace relationships.

Everything DiSC translates assessment results into a personalized narrative that’s easily understood, remembered and acted upon. It will ultimately improve the quality of the workplace, considering both productivity and job satisfaction.

Everything DiSC Workplace can be used by people at any level in an organisation regardless of title or position, department or function. As a leader you get better tools to empower and invigorate your employees, and your teams will factually act as teams, not only work in groups. The individual employee will experience positive development in the collaboration with colleagues and management, and you will all get better at avoiding that differences in personalities and working methods ends up in conflicts.

For fully using the possibilities offered by Everything DiSC, it is recommended also to acquire the online learning modules. This will strengthen your ongoing work with the profile and take you further down the road for personal development and common understanding.

Used for: Teambuilding, trust building, career development, conflict management and for strengthening general management and leadership.
Participant Take-Aways
Discover your own DiSC® style: recognise the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape your personal workplace experience

  • Explore other styles: understand the differences and similarities among the DiSC® styles
  • Identify efficient ways of leading and directing employees by differentiated and targeted communication and ways of collaboration
  • Contribute actively to developing your organisation by identifying strategies to make more positive, meaningful and productive connections with colleagues of various work styles
    Features of the workplace profile: 
    • The 20-page narrative workplace-specific report helps you explore the priorities that drives you and identifies three key strategies - based on your individual DiSC® profile - for increasing your effectiveness in working with other styles
    • The survey completion takes app. 15-20 minutes and assessment result are available upon completion
    • Free access to MyEverythingDiSC.com; a powerful, personalized online tool where you can learn more about your DiSC® style, compare with other styles and learn about DiSC® in general

    Download Sample Report

    Order information:

    • One profile per respondent
    • The respondent will receive an email with a link to fill in the assessment, at the latest the following business day. The email will also include a link to MyEverythingdisc.com, which can be accessed after completion
    • The respondent will be guided to set up an account and get access to the assessment
    • The assessment result will be available upon completion


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